Taste of Racing is a way for you to experience riding in a "racing" environment without committing the time and money towards a race weekend or a track day. We are focusing this towards the ones who want to ride the track, but have not yet committed to racing or attending a track day. This will be a 20 minute controlled session on the track for $20 with experienced control riders. The hidden agenda here is to get you hooked on racing and track riding in general. General riding rules will be discussed during a riders' meeting before the Taste of Racing session.

When, Where, Time, Cost

  • Where: Pacific Raceways & the Ridge Motorsports Park

  • Time: During lunch break.
    Register at WMRRA's registration booth.
    Registration opens at 9am and closes at 11am.
  • Cost: $20 gets you 20 mins of track time.
    Please note that you will still have to pay the $8 entry fee (for motorcycles) at the front gate.

License, Gear, Bike Requirements

License requirements:

  • All registered riders must have a valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement. No exceptions!

Gear requirements:

  • Leather or textile one or two piece suit.
  • Boots that cover the ankles.
  • Gloves
  • Full face helmet. Modular/flip type helmets will not be allowed.
  • No shoes! No jeans! Period!

Bike requirements:

  • Bike must be of sound mechanical condition.
  • No loosely secured fairings, lights, or any components on the bike that can easily fall off onto the track.
  • Tires must have at least 50% tire tread left.
  • If you need tires, we have tire vendors that can mount up new tires for you.
  • No visible signs of oil or coolant leaks. Anything that is remotely visible or questionable will fail tech inspection.
  • Both throttle and clutch must act smoothly without any interference. Throttle must return or "snap" back to the closed position without assistance.
  • Taping of lights will be suggested, but not necessary.

Other requirements:

  • Taste of Racing will only operate on a dry track only!
  • We must meet the minimum participant requirement in order for Taste of Racing to operate.
  • Smiles are not a requirement, but they are strongly recommended!!

General Guidelines & Rules

General on track guidelines that will be discussed will be as follows:

  • No passing lead control rider.
  • Entering and exiting track guidelines.
  • Passing guidelines: Passing rules will be strictly enforced. Outside passing only. 6 feet of "comfort bubble" will be required. This is "Taste of Racing." No trophies or monies will be allotted to the fastest rider.
  • Flags: Colors and reasons for each flag such are as 4. follows:
    • Standing Yellow: Caution on track. Be alert of your surroundings and look for flags in all corner stations.
    • Waving Yellow: Caution in upcoming corner. No passing allowed. Proceed at manageable pace.
    • Red Flag: If a Red Flag is waving at any corner station, first thing to do is to raise your left arm to alert following riders that there is a Red Flag and reduce your speed to a slow but steady pace. Your pace should be roughly 2nd gear 3-5k rpm's, depending on bike/rider. Once reduced to a slow but steady pace, keep left hand raised and proceed to track exit and wait for further instruction.
    • Black Flag: If you see a black flag pointed at your direction, get off of the "racing line," raise your left hand and slowly reduce speed. Once you have reduced your speed to a slow but steady pace, look over your bike for any obvious leaking fluids. If you see signs of fluid leaks, pull off to the side of the track or completely off the track where possible. If there are no obvious signs of leaking fluids, return to pace and exit the track and wait for further instruction.
    • Checkered Flag: Session is over. Proceed around the track to track exit.


If you have any questions outside of what has been listed here. Please feel free to contact Donny Schultz, WMRRA #811. You can reach him by e-mailing tasteofracing@wmrra.com with your questions or comments. You can also find him in his pits with any questions, concerns or comments. Donny will have a sandwich board outside his pits with "Taste of Racing" on it. His bike number this season is #811. Please tell all your friends and family members about this program.