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Can't Thank My WMRRA Family Enough
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    Default Can't Thank My WMRRA Family Enough

    Welp after all these years of racing I ordered up the full meal deal of crashes. But luckily after all the dust (literally) had settled and all the x-rays were taken I lucked out with only a broken wrist. Compression fracture of the right radius at the distal end for you techies. I am wicked sore everywhere but for those of you who saw me yesterday with a smile on my face know that I am living better through chemistry.

    I can not thank my WMRRA family enough for everyone doing such an awesome job taking care of me, Dave and our bikes and gear. You guys are the greatest. Also the show of support and concern I received was truly humbling. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love with such an amazing group of people.

    I hope everyone else who went down this weekend fared as well or better than I did.


    PS. One-goofy-handed typing blows.

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    Glad to hear you were relatively ok Shellie. Get well soon and good luck learning how to be a lefty.


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    I'm glad to hear you are okay Shellie. Get well!

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    I am so glad you are ok. Didn't like coming around and seeing you just lying there. Best of luck to you during the healing time.

    Take care.
    Eric Featherstone
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    All I can say is it made my day to see you on Sunday. Whether it was better living through modern chemistry or not.

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    It was great to see you all smiles on Suday (even if it was drug induced!).

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