Where: Portland International Raceway
Date's: May 30th and May 31st 2009 - The weather looks perfect!
When: During OMRRA lunch time, see race day schedule handout for approximate times (Approximate track crossing times: Saturday 10:30AM, 12Noon ; Sunday 10:20AM, 11:10AM, 11:54AM)
Gate Discount: Print out this coupon for $2 off the $10 gate fee (need one per person)

Click here for specifics about Taste of Racing: Taste of Racing

$20 for 20 minutes, Taste of Racing is an opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the thrill of racing, cornering, and riding fast in a safe environment where you won't get a ticket!! Sound like fun? Want to try it out? Click on the Taste of Racing link above for specific details!

Dark Horse Racing is running ToR again this year, we are pitted on the second row in from the Start/Finish line. You cant miss us, we will have a ToR sign-up sandwich board at our pits, and our Carolina blue race bikes.

We are also accepting volunteers to work corners during the ToR events. If you are interested in ToR but don't have a bike, or are not sure if you're ready for the track, you can volunteering some time and help us by working a corner! Anyone who volunteers to work a corner for us, can ride the next ToR for free! We will also be BBQing in our pits and will feed anyone who help's out.

Few changes have been incorporated into ToR:

- Not a new rule, but one I have to keep repeating. At NO point should any ToR participant pass the lead rider. This has happened at a number of ToR events. The lead rider will be very visible, not sure what we will be using this next weekend, but we have used a big red X, an orange Vest in the past, but people still tried to pass him. Please people, do not pass the lead bike, he is there for a reason. We will discuss this in more detail at the ToR riders meeting

- Max number of riders is 35

- If a rider crashes, all other riders return to the hot pit area (where we start from) and wait for instructions. Two or more control riders will assist the downed rider. If the rider is ok, the bike cleared from any impact zones, and the track clear of any debris, we will resume ToR immediately. If the rider is not ok, or there is oil/coolant on the track that needs cleanup, ToR is done for the day. One of the control riders will ride the downed rider back to the pit area, and Blinky will get the bike after ToR is complete (unless he wants to sooner, remember this is his lunch period)

If anyone has any questions, please post them here, or PM me directly.

Lastly, I want to thank OMRRA, our sponsors, and all the volunteers who help make this event happen!

Hope to see you there!