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Shops that work on old Hondas?
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    Default Shops that work on old Hondas?

    I have a '72 cb175 that has some issues which I can't figure out. I've had it in to one shop twice, and both times it ran for a day and either the same thing or something new happened.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for places I could take it in the Seattle area to get some work done? I've been googling but can't find much out there. The main problem (I think) is with the charging system, but it also could run more smoothly in general.

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    Twin line was featured in Seattle PI a while back, very laid back shop and I believe they rent out lift space w/ coaching thrown in.
    Though the guys at southend are very knowledgeable too!

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    Call Walter at George Deans Seattle Cycle Service in Mountlake Terrace

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