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8/9/08 - airlift update?
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    Default 8/9/08 - airlift update?

    Anyone have any news on Richard? I haven't heard what he was transported for or how he's doing. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericande View Post
    Anyone have any news on Richard? I haven't heard what he was transported for or how he's doing. Thanks.
    I spoke to his friend Dave who indicated he was doing alright. Going to keep him overnight for observation though.
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    He's in pretty good spirits. I went with Dave to the hospital and met Brad's family there. Everybodies doing okay, he should be out tomorrow.

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    good to hear - thanks for the update
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    Good to hear, thanks guys

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    Damon, thank you so much. Why does it feel like we spend more time at the hospital than at the track? lol

    Brad is in good spirits. He has a few bumps and brusies. Some scaps and scratches... and a concusion. He will be ok. Thank god.

    I told him his bike just had a small scratch in the gas tank, you could hardly see it and it would buff right out. Anyone that saw the track record 15 to 20 foot high launch through the air, please don't tell him the truth... lol

    But serious, thank you to everyone for all your help (esp. medics, pilots, Damon and Liz ). It is always scary when these things happen. It is worse when it's someone close.

    See you all tomorrow...
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    Hey everybody I am doing remarkably well for what must have looked like a horrendous crash. I spent the night at Harborview for observation and was released this evening. All I have is some really bruised muscles and joints and walking hurts like hell but other than that its all good. My bike on the other hand was not so lucky.

    I really want to thank all the medics at the track you guys are the best in the biz. Of course all my buds and team mates who made sure my stuff got home and all was in order thanks Dave, Chris, Damon and Kevin. You guys ROCK!
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    Brad - Talk to you soon man, but sooo glad to hear you're alright!!! Def take it easy though...
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    Brad I caught the tail end of the crash - a front row seat for bikes flying through the air, you rolling on the ground. Dayum. Spooked me plenty.
    Good to hear you're ok. If you need anything let me know!

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    you were about 100 feet in front of me when you got off the track. your bike almost hit me as i passed you while you were still in the air.

    glad to see you were not hurt to bad.

    the bike must have been at least 15-20 feet off the ground Flipping.

    Looked like you flipped about twice in the air before you came down.

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