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The last NRC 9/15/07 and 10/6/07 has been postponed
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    Default The last NRC 9/15/07 and 10/6/07 has been postponed

    BOTH NRC sessions; the classroom session schedulled for 9/15/07 at RMC and the on track portions of the NRC scedulled for 10/6/07 have been postponed until next year.

    If you have pre-paid for either of these classes you may request a refund.

    Or, if you are definitely going to attend the postponed sessions you may leave your application and fees with registration and they will be applied to the postponed classes. No NRC fee increases will be applicable to any rider who pre-pays at this time.

    The postponed class room session will be re-schedulled for a date to be determined prior to the first event next year.

    The on-track portion will be addressed at the first race weekend.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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