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    Default Tamara's Info

    Does anyone have contact information for Tamara (side car monkey)? She made quite an impression on a friend of mine's son. He has been praying for her since her crash. I think it would be good if he could email her. Thanks.
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    Tamara Teller

    Default Downed Rider Update

    Thanks for the note - and the concern. We hit the wall a little harder than expected-Yikes. I do not remember anything about the entire race-day, even the helicopter ride! or 5 days after the race! I was up and talking but cannot remember a stich of it. HA! Please let your son know that I will be back to the track as soon as I am able to say thank you to all the help and WMRRA members that worked so hard to take care of us that day! If he wants to contact me directly I can be reaced at tamarateller@hotmail.com or my cell 206-391-4939 if he wants to see that I can actually still speak English!

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    Carol and I are glad to see that you are up and okay.

    Take care of yourself, and make sure to check in next time that you come by the track.

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    man that was a scary day, glad to see you're doing better and see you out there soon hopefully!
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    looking forward to seeing you guys back out there.

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