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Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Default Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    The SRP weekend was a little more eventful than I would have liked, I am told I got squeezed out when we tried to go through T1 five abreast on the first lap. In retrospect probably not the smartest thing on my part but unfortunately I don't recall anything past Saturday at about 10:00AM. If anyone saw my crash please let me know what you saw, but please don't make stuff up . . .

    The end tally is a broken collar bone, broken scapula, one or two cracked ribs and a bruised lung. Thanks to the meds I feel human

    I want to thank everyone who had anything to do with me after the crash from my pit buddies Eric, Jeremy and his family and Chris Sarbora and Lisa who called my family and spoke to my friends as they called my cell, stayed by me at the hospital until I came to, moved my hotel room so they could watch over me during the first night, fed me, packed all my gear and drove me home safely. I am moved by your kindness and selflessness. Thank you to everyone in the pits for your kind words, wishes and encouragement. This is a truly special group of people and I feel very fortunate to be part of it.

    I look forward to seeing you out there before the end of the season.
    [B][I]Chris Fratini

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    Yup this club and its people rock! Sometimes you don't know until something bad happens....too bad you had to find out the hard way.

    Heal up buddy boy....and remember..if you aren't feeling good....take more meds. There will be a spot ready for you on the grid when you are ready.

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    For those not in the know, Chris also suffered a pretty hefty concussion in addition to those broken bones, and had a working memory of only a few minutes Saturday night.. think the movie "Memento". Add to that the fact that people w/impaired cognition (concussion, drugs, ... concussion and drugs...) are pretty freakin funny, and you've got a fun Sat night So, without further ado...

    Do you know what day it is?
    Sunday. Friday. ... Saturday?

    Who's the president?
    Still that dingbat!

    Have you ever had Vicodin before?
    Just recreationally.
    (we still can't tell if he was just f*ckin with the nurse )

    (referring to his neck brace)
    I feel like a dog with fleas, you know, so it won't chew its ass. I promise not to chew my ass. - 9 times

    (noticing a handle on the examination lamp)
    Hey look, frame sliders! - 12 times

    (after we told him what happened)
    I crashed in turn one, lap one?? F*ck, how lame is that? - 13 times

    Does my wife know?
    Yeah, you talked to her about <time> ago.
    *I* talked to her?
    F*ck... - 49 times!!

    And the big winner...
    Did I bite my tongue? - 63 times!!

    Quite frankly, that hospital stay was fun as hell lol!
    Chris Sarbora #64
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    Hey man that is what friends are for! We are just glad you are ok.

    I must say, thank you for the good time in the hospital. Hospitals are not fun places to visit, but by the end of the night my cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing so hard!

    Get well buddy, and let us know if we can do anything for you!

    That frame slider one was classic. You could be talking about anything or nothing and all of a sudden you would see that handle on the examination light and stop dead in your tracks, look and point "Ohhh, look frame slider. Will you get that for me!" Kind of like a kid in a candy store.

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    I feel your pain...heal up quickly!
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    OHH...that explains the blank look on Chris's face on Saturday evening. I thought it was the meds.

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    Which crash was this? 1st race? I remember seeing the guy on the inside of T2 (which I thought was weird), and he didn't look so good (knocked out). Really kinda stuck in my head. I don't remember them transporting a novice though. Sorry about your crash. Sounds scary. Seems like you're in good spirits though, so that's the best meds for ya really. Heal up so you can come back and play!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meow View Post
    Which crash was this? 1st race? I remember seeing the guy on the inside of T2 (which I thought was weird), and he didn't look so good (knocked out).
    That was the one. Really scary once I figured out it was Chris.

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    Default Get well soon


    I hate hearing about this kind of thing happening to anybody. I was really sorry to hear that you were the one who went down during our race.

    My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you back out on the track again.

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    Sorry to hear about your crash buddy. My fractured wrist seems like a minor inconvenience now. Heal quick bud and we can pick up our "race within a race" when you get back.

    Take care,
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