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SRP Injured riders...I need an update...
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    Default SRP Injured riders...I need an update...

    Hello all,

    I just got home and found a few calls in my VM that informed me that two of my riders (Wendy Leber and Kevin Thomas) went down and were transported to a local (spokane) hospital. I have heard various stories, but I have not been able to get a hold of either of them via the contact numbers I have for them. If anyone has REAL (factual) info, can you please contact me via my cell phone?



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    PS. If you have any info regarding their health, please just PM me or call me as I don't want to add to any more stress to either party.



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    The latest on Sunday evening was Kevin was stable at Sacred Heart in Spokane. He rung his bell pretty good but the CT scan came back with no signs of cranial bleeding. His wrist is messed up but I don't have details there. He apparently doesn't remember the last couple of weeks and likely won't make sense for a few at least a few more days.

    I hope the best for Kevin....I had just pulled his rear stand for him before he headed out.

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    Wendy wasn't transported past the pits - she was suited up to ride a later race but didn't grid. I can't vouch for anything more than that.
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    From the 600SS race, I collided with Colin Rimes. I broke both arms waiting on orthopedic for more info. Colin believed he broke both ankles but havent heard anything. Heal up quick all
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    Damnit! This sucks! Sorry to hear guys! Wendy/Colin lemme know if you guys need anything!


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    Colin has soft tissue damage to both ankles, which from what I'm told is usually quite a bit worse than breaking them, no weight on them for several wheels (wheelchair pilot probably) and several months down time.

    Bikes may be for sale if injury looks to be a long(er) one. GSXR600K6 Superbike and Supersport with two weekends on both. S.S. slightly pranged

    Spoke with Jeff "Seehorse" 's Dad - looks to be going home any day now.
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    Default 600 Superbike crash

    Hi folks,

    I've made it back home. For what it's worth, here's a quick summary of what happened in 600 Superbike:

    I got a poor start - spent several laps trying to get back around Hollywood & another rider on a 600RR...when Randy & the rest of the pack started to pull away from the rider on the Honda, I got really desperate, broke REALLY deep into Turn 4 again (dumb move)....this is where it gets foggy....I think he shut the door on me...in efforts to not T-bone him, I ended up going off the inside of the track on the brakes, tucked the front (of course)....then it was "good night." The cornerworkers said I did a Superman & face plant...tumbled, slid, and ended up by the grandstands in the infield between Turn 4 & 5. They said I was unconscious for out for about 1-2 minutes. I don't remember much of waking up or getting transported back to the pits...so I ended up with a good concussion, but nothing broken. The bike is fixable for next weekend. The helmet is destroyed...the gear is getting fixed. I never suited up for 600 Supersport because I don't think they would have let me out after getting knocked out... I must have forgotten to take the leathers off for awhile in the pits .

    I would like to thank the WMRRA cornerworkers, raceday staff, EMTs, & my friends for their help in getting me back to the pits & back home safely - even if I don't remember it.

    My prayers go out to Dan Lippis, Kevin Thomas, Colin Rimes, & anyone else that went down hard this weekend....I wish these folks a speedy recovery.

    I'll see everyone at the Adrenaline Freaks Trackday & WMRRA Round 4 at Pacific Raceways.


    Wendy Kristen Leber
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    You sure did give me a scare, I am really glad to see that you are ooooot and abooot and awake again.
    See you out there soon.

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    Damn Wendy that sucks. Glad it seems as though you have recovered from it. See you next weekend.

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