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    I just got off the phone with Dave Hosea (WMRRA #205) and good friend of the Jeff and his family.
    Looks like the break to the pelvis was due to the femur being pushed up into the hip socket resulting in a broken pelvis, hip, and leg. He is in a Portland hospital and is doing well. He is awaiting surgery.
    I talked with Jeff the other night...seemed to be doing well, and was talking about maybe being back in late Aug. or early Sept.

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    You know the (sorta) funny thing about this was Jeff's motor was apart for transmission work and he phoned up asking for a due date, and when I gave it to him he said "great I can make Portland". Which was news to me as I was thinking Spokane was my due date.. and from that time on the damn motor fought me the whole way. I actually called to see if he was really into going, which he was. I think his bike knew what was best - kinda like Fontana (ask Jeff)

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    I think you're right Dave, my bike can see my future. Those are wierd coincidences?!

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