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    Yeah, false neutrals not good.

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    Default Oouch!

    Wow!!! Ken I did not know that you were banged up as well. I wish you the best recovery. It is great to have good women by your side.
    Take care.

    Kevin Thomas

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    Sorry I misses this...heal up soon - we miss ya.
    Rene' Pepin
    Pete & Meg Ross

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    Kids grow up too fast, :O( Bad Dog's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by tophyr View Post
    It could be that I'm just a newb and am too slow around the track to be able to share experience.. but what's so bad about a false neutral? Thinking it through, you'd just lose the compression braking, which (from what I understand) isn't worth much anyway. Couldn't the actual brakes handle it, and then the rider try to recover from the neutral upon exit of the corner?

    I realize that if you're already at 99% of your front brakes, then asking them to pick up a bit more might not work, but why not use a little rear brake to simulate the compression braking effect?
    Most of us use engine braking to slow us down, if you are braking or starting to and it pops into neutral, you can't scrub off the speed and well, shit happens.

    Hope you heal up soon, racing is still addictive,
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