2015 Yamaha R1M $16,600
-2015 frame with 2016 engine as the 2016 engines didnít have the recall issue and seem to have a little bit more horsepower
-salvage title
-built in yamaha quickshifter
-Graves adjustable cam gears installed.
-Hindle evolution Titanium slip on (cat removed )
-Vortex rearsets
-Ohlins electronic suspension with race upgrade package ..the front forks internally extended and rear shock has adjustable shock height adjustment
-÷hlins recall performed on shock.
-approximately 6000 miles on engine.
-CCU dataloging you can pull via tablet
-flexiglass bodywork with full tank cover
-stock magnesium wheels
-flashed ECU to remove restrictions and dyno map for pump gas.
-smog block off plates
-samco stainless steel hoseclamps
-520 RK chain and vortex sprockets
-motionpro quick turn rev2 throttle

Located in Seattle