Hey gang,

I have an 05 VFR800 for sale with electrical gremlins I don't have the time or patients to solve. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of besides replacing the entire harness/recharging system and still no luck, if you know electrical work this might be the bike for you. Also feel free to ask any questions here.

The low down:

It has a parasitic drain, the stator is shot (2nd time), and the wiring harness was cut when someone tried to steal her last year. I spliced it back together successfully, but the connectors I used to do the job might be adding too much resistance to the charging system. I also installed the VFRness upgrade so at least it doesn't overcharge.

Here's the CL post I wrote up, it has a more thorough list of things the bike needs and pretty pictures. It could potentially make a very nice track bike!


All the best,