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Cripple Triple Class Interest
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    Default Cripple Triple Class Interest

    So I remember hearing about someone trying to get this class off the ground and drum up interest at one of the round's rider meetings. I'm not sure who it was or who may be interested.

    ultimately, it would be a fun class to run and it would be competitive from what I've seen, similar to clubman, 600 Classic SBK or the 250 cup. The way to get the R6's setup is pretty easy and there are a couple different ways to modify the bike that allow you to continue to run it as a 600 the same day. Manually converting it takes as little as 10 minutes or the harness method is as simple as a switch converting the harness used.

    Im not sure how many people are interested to run this class but from what I've researched I've found the following pros and cons:

    -same bike, same setup, less power (a rider is already used to the settings)
    -run the same bike in more classes
    -drop power from ~100hp to ~70Hp meaning racecraft gets honed
    -tires aren't used up after a race and can sustain multiple rounds
    -inexpensive alternative to a new bike or second bike for racing multiple classes

    -running a triple runs one cylinder without fuel or spark. (Basically an air pump) not how the motor was designed but not damaging necessarily
    -depending on modification, can cost time to convert on racedays
    -lack of interest based on lack of information or popularity.

    Who is interested? There's a few different people that can help up get it started and I'll pioneer the rule book and lift off for this is there's potential for the class to run. I also have a lead on some guys that can help with conversion harnesses and setup. OMRRA and AFM run this with a good deal of success and interest. Let's see where we can get.
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    I'd be interested. I'd like to run in both 600 and lightweight classes next year, but the idea of prepping and hauling a second lightweight bike is a bit daunting. I think we could pitch this at next year's NRS classroom session. It'd be cool to host a workshop demonstrating the conversion on some of the popular bikes. We could throw in a $100 purse or something and I'm sure there'd be plenty of interest to get the class off the ground

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    This is an interesting concept and could be a good thing. My only question is which classes would be eliminated in order to add a new race or would this run alongside an existing class on the track?

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    Cripple Triples were added to the rulebook last season, so no real changes needed there. Rules are essentially the same as OMRRA, with a couple of eligible classes to run. These bikes are superbikes by default.
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