2016 SuperDuke - black - 1300 miles

-Full Ti Akrapovic EVO2 system
-Motohooligan intake and velocity stacks
-Rottweiler SAS removal kit w/ block off plates
-PCV and seperate PCV ignition module
-GP Suspension 25mm fork cartridge kit
-Solo cowl (passenger seat included)
-KTM Powerparts seat (stock included)
-Fender Eliminator
-Integrated LED taillight
-CRG blindsight mirror
-Custom powdercoated the wheels to match the frame. Looks amazing.

Like my RC390 for sale, this bike was trailered to Nels at 2WheelDynoworks in Kirkland straight from the dealer. He heat cycled it and broke it in on the dyno, with 3 full oil/filter changes in the first 150 miles. Aftermarket parts were added after first service, and Nels got it to 163hp and a hair shy of 103tq. It is truly a beast, and yet so easy to ride.

Was going to post for 13.75k. However, full disclosure, at it's first of two trackdays it has done, an aggressive bar end got in a fight with the tank and chipped up a small section (cosmetic only). I am in the process of getting in line to have it repainted. Bike is available regardless, and if you want to sort it/know how to paint/got a buddy that does, I'll sell for 13.25k. Best I've seen is between 13-14k locally for stock ones, and with all the best mods done, I think it's fair.

Lemme know if there are specific questions people have or pics you want to see. I can take pic of the tank if people need.