2nd gen. SV650 SBK. Dave Lannigan built motor with 2 races on it - we think it is in the low 90 hp range. Total loss system (no stator), so it needs to be on a tender, but it revs very quickly. It's very fast and handles well - I got 2nd on LW SBK in my first race on it.

Asking $4,500. Ready to race as-is, but could use a paint job. Email me at dirtnerd@gmail.com if interested.

- SBK motor w/ 2 races on it, by Dave Lannigan
- Yoyodyne slipper
- Motion Pro quick throttle
- Quick Shifter
- GSXR front end w/ GP suspension cartridges
- Penske rear shock - suspension of good for ~170 lb rider
- Magnesium rear wheel - 5.5", so runs a 180 tire
- Flexi-Glass "Desmo" fairing kit - I also have the stock seat