Since I still have my transport, and a couple of GP bikes, Kory Gill and I have decided to make one last trip to Elkhart lake an nirvana, Road America!

There is a WMRRA event at THE RIDGE on Sunday 6/25. It would be a challenge, but possible. Would need to get to Snohomish and load your gear that Sunday night as the transport cannot leave any later than Monday morn 6/26 and make it for the Thursday and Friday Sport Bike Track time days.

Seven 20 minute session per day on the 4 mile pavement. If you've never done it, you owe it to yourself.

Followed by the ASRA/CCS events on Saturday & Sunday

More track time than a person can use.

Price is split equally among those going. Best if you travel like a factory rider, fly in, get a rental can and stay in a hotel or sleep in a tent.

Equipment will be back in Snohomish on Wednesday July 5th.

If you want to join us, contact me asap at