Hello all. I am located over here in Eastern Washington and I thought since a lot of you Riders from the west side end up coming over Chinook Pass to the other side of the mountains I thought I would post this up. My name is Adam and I feel the need for a place where us more Sports oriented Riders can gather and be around more like-minded Riders. I've recently been attending a local bike night Gathering series and it seems to be tailored more towards the Harley crowd. Nothing wrong with Harley's mind you however Harley Riders are of a different mindset than those of us who are performance enthusiasts. When I roll up on my Kawasaki z800 and enter into a sea of Harley-Davidsons there always seems to be an attitude in the air. Oftentimes rude. Sensing a feeling of what are you doing here? Intentional or not it exists. And that is the Catalyst for starting this page. I would like a place where we can organize Gatherings, bike shows, Technical and Riding tips, track days group rides, you name it. Just talking about our sport and our passion. All are welcome just keep in mind this is not a brand specific area. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Ducati, Triumph, Harley,Buell.......All are Welcome. So check us out on Facebook.