July 13, 2016

Dear WMRRA Members –
We have reached a point in time where WMRRA must adapt to the current environment and recognize that our current organizational structure is not allowing us to efficiently adapt and flourish as both a club and a viable business. The last several years have seen WMRRA endure through sheer determination and steely focus on simply surviving the economy, shrinking grids, reduced membership, and ever changing venue management. However, even with renewed interest in road racing, increasing membership, and larger grid sizes, we are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination.

For these reasons we have undertaken an exercise to realign the administrative focus of the club through a revision of the Bylaws. The Bylaws have been amended to streamline the offices of the elected officials and more clearly define roles and responsibilities of these positions within the organization. The changes are summarized below and will be detailed in future communications:
The Executive Board will consist of seven elected members from the previous ten member board. Each of these positions will now be elected for a two year term, divided among even and odd years. A brief summary of responsibility is added after each position.

  • President – Responsible for the overall business of WMRRA, reports to the Board of Directors.
  • 1st Vice President- Race Director, responsible for race day operations and personnel.
  • 2nd Vice President- Responsible for administration, publicity, promotions and awards banquet.
  • Club Secretary-Responsible for the club meetings, minutes and associations correspondence.
  • Referee-Responsible for interpretation of the rule book and race day rulings.
  • Rider Representative- Represents Expert Riders on the e-board and works with the subject matter experts (SME’s) in each of the different classes to address concerns.
  • Novice Rider Representative- Represents the Novice Riders to the e-board and oversees Novice Program.

These changes to the Bylaws will provide both a level of stability as well as operational flexibility to the organization to allow us to continue following our charter:
"An organization that exists to provide and promote motorcycle road racing in Washington and support local racers in national and international racing events. Also, as a not-for-profit corporation, support our communities via charitable activities."

Please understand that these changes were not taken lightly. The changes were made solely with the current and future viability of WMRRA in mind. We all understand that change can be difficult, but there are times where change is not only recommended but is required. A lot of thought went into how best to allow WMRRA the flexibility to operate effectively in these times, as we must learn to adapt to not only survive, but promote and grow our sport in the Pacific Northwest.


WMRRA Board of Directors
Phil Cook
Duncan Craick
Jeff Wieand
Tim O'Mahony