Contingency List
Hello all returning and new racers here is the list of current and returning contingency companies and manufacturers. The only contingencies so far that require on track forms as far as I know are Pilot leathers, Pirelli tires and Bridgestone tires. Dunlop has done away with contingency in favor of dropping tire prices across the board, which in my personal opinion helps everyone across the board.

The manufactures require YOU to sign up with them
and then I submit official results to them after each round.

For those of you that use hookit.com, for the rest of you if you don’t you should have your head examined, do not fear I am on a first name basis with those guys and our events are already uploaded to their system so rest assured your results will be verified after each round.
Anyway below is the list…. If you have other companies or products that you use that you want me to go after to see if they will offer contingency please drop me a line. I have no shame when it comes to asking for support for racing and will be happy to bombard them with requests for support.



Tire Suppliers
Dunlop (lower prices only)

Gear suppliers
Pilot Leathers USA
****** Novices*****
First off welcome to the sport, the family/tribe, and the addiction. I remember my novice year, not too long ago, looking at every penny going out to my “race budget” conservatively and slowly letting the money go. It is funny how hard it was to spend every dime that first year. Now a lot of my discretionary spending is gauged against how it will affect my race budget and its amazing how easily it now leaves my wallet. Ask any racer how much money racing costs and 100% of them will easily and happily say ALL OF IT!!!!!

In short any little bit of financial support helps so go out and look for the support. Its kind of late in the season already to be looking for help as most manufactures solicit race resumes around January- February. However, some have open enrollment for example.... Vortex racing has open enrollment in their program and are a valuable asset. Hookit.com is open also a valuable clearing house. CYCLE GEAR offers open enrollment and support. KFG racing I believe also offers support if you sign up with then.

Make it a habit that if you buy something for racing go to the manufacturer’s website and see if they offer racer support or shoot them and email the worst they can say is no. Now that you are a RACER YOU QUALIFY. If you have not already, I would at least recommend subscribing to the roadracingworld.com news feed. RRW regularly posts up contingency and sponsorship related press releases as they are put out on the wire. For example quite a few of you guys at the NRS said you are looking for R6 for the race season. You might want to read the contingency offer TRIUMPH USA just released. I look forward to seeing you out there in the paddock and on the grid… PLEASE do not hesitate to drop me a line at contingency@wmrra.com if you have any questions.