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Pirelli Evolution
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    Default Pirelli Evolution

    Attention all Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association riders, As some of you may know already, effective today, Moto G Racing will be your point of contact in purchasing Pirelli Motorcycle roadrace tires. But wait, who is Moto G? Well, you know them already. Moto G is made up of Darrin Griffin (DJ) and Cliff Griffin. The same DJ that has been helping you out for the last 1.5 years and the same Cliff that is from Premium Rush Motorcycle Rentals. All contingency, lottery and sponsorship will remain the same as it has been all year. As an added bonus, you can get your tires faster between rounds as well.

    “Where is Oscar going?” you ask. Well actually, not far! I have assumed a technical position with the Pirelli Moto corporate office. Turns out that all of those nights up late doing tire calculations and formulas actually meant something. Go figure!! So that means for the rounds coming up, the Pirelli riders of OMRRA and WMRRA get true factory corporate technical support from Pirelli. It will be my pleasure to continue to serve at the races of the NW!

    Please let me or DJ know if you have any questions. See you all at the next round!

    Moto G Racing



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    Great news! I have been fortunate enough to know the Griffin's since "back in the day," when we used to rumble around the track at PGP on our supermoto bikes. Great times. I know that both DJ and and Cliff will do a great job supporting WMRRA.
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