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WMRRA/OMRRA Round 6- September 2015
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    Default WMRRA/OMRRA Round 6- September 2015

    WMRRA members:

    As you have seen on this forum and Facebook page by now, the September OMRRA race will have us joining them at Portland International Raceway. This is a first time for our club in recent memory.

    The event is an example of cooperation and collaboration between our clubs and it's important that you know the tone has been very positive, as we've looked for ways to support one another.

    In this case, due to scheduling conflicts at the Ridge and Pacific, WMRRA was left with only 5 race weekends. We reached out to OMRRA, and they agreed it could be fun, good for competition, and just plain neighborly to encourage us to travel to Portland in September.

    The result is a 6 round season for WMRRA, with three different tracks on our schedule, along with the promise of full grids, great competition, and reconnecting with old friends at PIR.

    With a small number of exceptions, the weekend will run as normal. Our clubs have agreed on a race class "mapping" strategy that will allow us to score our championships independently. While the class names might be different, classes map quite well and OMRRA scoring will remain as normal.

    As an example: OMRRA will run their normal 600SB with results scored by their rule book. WMRRA will score our championship based on the finishing order of WMRRA riders ONLY in that race. Ryan Sutton might finish 3rd in the race, but first WMRRA racer.

    There are some exciting and interesting possibilities when it comes to race weekend details, including how we fairly and properly grid WMRRA racers who haven't been competing all season at OMRRA. Options including qualifying and creative use of the KFG rule are part of the conversation. Details will be worked out this winter, and we'll know the answers before the season begins.

    I know the e-boards at each club are excited about this and are looking forward to the event. We have some work in front of us to make this all run smoothly, but it will be great for both clubs and I look forward to the 2015 season.


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