After receiving requests for more classes that 250 Ninja's can race (you guys are animals!), we have added LWEGP in a wave behind Open Single on Saturday. While not technically legal for LWEGP due to age restrictions, nobody other than Phil Cook and myself have raced this class in the last 10 years. And we raced it on 250 Ninja's as well!
Provided someone doesn't show up on a GS500 (not likely), the Referee is willing to "look the other way" on the age requirement for LWEGP, pending a rules proposal change later this season, so that all you 250 Ninja racers that are looking for 2 races per day will now have LWEGP, 500SS, 250 Cup and ULWS to race at WMRRA events. So now you can use up 2 sets of tires per season!!!