We will be trying a new "qualifying" format for Formula Ultra grid positions this coming weekend at Round 1. This is how it will work....

The lap time from the second fast practice on Saturday morning will determine grid positions for both Saturday and Sunday Formula Ultra races. If a racer does not have a lap time for the second fast practice on Saturday, we will query the practice history for that racer in Track Intel to determine the lap time in the most recent practice that racer took part in to determine grid position. If the racer does not take part in second fast practice and does not have a historical practice lap time, that racer will go to the back of the grid.

We will be doing informal polling all weekend of both racers and spectators to find out if the qualifying format is popular or not. We will not be polling the forum for this information. So be sure to weigh in with Damon or myself this coming weekend to get your opinion heard!