Congrats to the election winners for your 2014 Executive Board and Board of Directors positions! For the first time in quite awhile we had a hotly contested position for the 1st VP spot, and the race was very tight. In the end, the spot goes to Matt Darling, who edged Troy Brogdon by only 2 votes!! Congrats to Matt, and a HUGE thanks to Troy for stepping up and throwing his hat in the ring! Both of you are what the future of this club is all about! THANK YOU!!!

2014 WMRRA Executive Board/Board of Directors

President: Tim O'Mahony
1st Vice President: Matt Darling
2nd Vice President: Damon Wells
3rd Vice President: Brandi Wieand
Novice Representative: Mark DeGross
Supersport Representative: Greg Canright
Superbike / GP Representative: Donny Schultz
Vintage Representative: Jim West
Treasurer: Neil Heineman
Club Secretary: Neil Jensen
Board of Directors: Phil Cook, Jeff Wieand, Duncan Craick, Tim O'Mahony