There is a very good reason why mufflers are required to have triangulated, safety-wired mounts. At some point in WMRRA history, they were just bolted on, and occasionally fell off. After X number of mufflers fell off, someone said "this is unacceptable", and the rules were put in place to require secondary mounting and safety wire. Now mufflers don't fall off.

Since the invention of GoPros and other brands of cameras, we have seen more and more fall off bikes. It is predictable that something roughly the size of a baseball falling off bikes going as fast as 170 mph will eventual cause grievous harm, to either a racer or a spectator/volunteer...or both.

AMA saw this as an issue, and sent out a technical addendum to their rulebook addressing the use of video cameras. After reviewing their rules, the Referee made a ruling regarding the use of these cameras at WMRRA events, pending follow up at rules committee in the fall.

The following rules regarding use of video cameras will go into effect at the July 13/14 race.

Referee Ruling regarding video cameras:

i. Video cameras must be secured to the motorcycle with safety wire and/or a positive tether in addition to the supplied camera mount. All cameras must be present at tech inspection, and must have approved tech sticker in place before entering track. Any video camera that becomes detached
from a motorcycle while on track may not be re-installed for the remainder of the weekend. Additional penalties may be imposed.

ii. Video cameras must be mounted within the body envelope of the motorcycle and cannot be positioned where they can be struck by a passing machine. Video cameras must not obscure any portion of the number plates. Video cameras mounted to the top of the tail are acceptable, provided they do not obscure number plate(s). If unsure of suitable mounting positions, check with WMRRA tech for clarity and approval.

iii. Video cameras cannot be attached to the rider in any way. This includes but is not limited to, chest, back or helmet.

iv. Riders name and competition number must be clearly indicated on the camera and external case.