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Jean-Claude Riopel
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    Default Jean-Claude Riopel

    shortly after the last round of racing

    An 88yr old man, pulled into my lane and stopped 1/2 way in. Then pulled fwd again and stopped with his bumper over the double yellow (perpendicular to the direction of travel) and stopped waiting for a vehicle to pass so he could turn left in the direction of the vehicle he was waiting on. After the vehicle passed his bumper I had a 6-7ft before smashing into the old mans driver door, and dove into oncoming lane, basically grazing his bumper. I couldn't evade any other way w/o crashing into trees (ben howard rd. by camp grounds if you know the rd.), he then slammed on gas and luckily hit my rear tire. Any sooner and I would have lost my leg. I gave it madd throttle when diving in front of his car, which saved my leg I'm sue. I went into a left side drift, then hit the guard rail with rear tire, and brought the bike into the guard rail, crushing my ankle and lower left leg. Then the bike flipped over the guard rail causing me to high side, did a couple flips then landed on the top edge of the guard rail on my neck and collar bone, did a few more flips after that and hit pavement with my head then right leg. Damage was concussion, left lung contusion from 4 broken ribs collapsing my left lung. left collar bone in 5 pieces. left ankle in 15 pieces, left leg in 6 pieces. right ankle in 5 pieces, right knee broken, MCL ripped apart, and outer side of right knee smashed in.
    had 5 reconstructive surgeries, 9 stainless steel plates, and 30 stainless steel screws, and an anchor in my right knee to tie the MCL

    hes home now and is on the mend
    please keep him along with the others in your thoughts
    lets wish them a speedy recovery

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    Holy shit I never heard about this! So sorry to hear about this Jean-Claude. I hope your recovery goes as well as it possibly can!

    I get nervous driving my small 6000 lb truck around some of these idiot inattentive drivers staring at their cell phones. As much as I really do miss a nice long summer ride with great friends....I just couldn't get myself to get back on these crazy streets anymore. JC's story sounds awfully familiar to another from our tribe last year and another not long before that one....all of which could have had much more grave endings. Thank you all for sticking around, and again heal up well!

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    That is exactly why I am going back to the track and off the public roads.

    Too many idiots out there.

    Heal fast.
    Jeff "Penguin" Wieand
    Formerly WMRRA #69

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