Hi all,

General membership meeting at the Ridge on Saturday 5/25 after the Trophy Ceremony. Start time guess is 5-5:30ish.

One item to start thinking in advance about is how to deal with the rain and the lack of revenue we see when it happens. Not sure what would motivate racers to race rain or shine, so bring your best ideas.

For example, if we had a bad streak of weather at a number of events, it could put our club at risk of continuing as a viable business. Basically we have fixed costs each event and the revenue is variable, ass backwards. We might be able to get a little variability in costs from the tracks, but not enough to make a dent. We could cancel events and pay a cancellation penalty, but that is a loss too. I do get it, rain racing is risky and we all have day jobs (my shoulder is jacked up for life from last year's rd 1 rain race highside) , but we need to either incentive racers to race (e.g. double points) or charge more (e.g., for a DNS in a declared rain race). IDK, that's why we want your feedback to try and fix this.

So show up, bring ideas, along with any other item you would like to discuss.