Thank you for your patience. Welcome to WMRRA 2013 and our new registration system. We are now officially open for business for Round 1 at

If you submitted a WMRRA membership app and it was processed, you should have received an email with log on info and instructions like provided below.

If you did not get an email, check your junk mail first before contacting staff. If you sent in your app after the deadline (2/15) then it might not be processed yet, so kindly remind regarding it. Please allow a few days (5 days or so) after sending in your app before contacting anyone since we all have day jobs.

A forum will be posted up to allow for issues to be posted here soon under club talk. We will fix what we can as soon as we can. Negativity is not welcome!

Here is the same info provided in the welcome email for your reference:

So here are the steps:
1. Sign on using the user name and password provided (case sensitive)
2. Go to My Profile first and enter/update your personal information first.
3. From that screen there are tabs for billing address and medical info.
4. The medical entries have required fields that should prevent you from registering for events, so please complete this area. I know some of you already did this on paper, but you need to do it again or you will not be able to register for races.
5. Sign, accept, the appropriate areas for medical treatment and liability
6. You can enter your sponsors on the sponsors tab. You can just add sponsors as you go. Please be appropriate or your paperwork might get lost :
7. Enter update your transponder number(s)
8. After that, you can follow the main screen steps 1,2,
9. Enter your bikes
10. Enter the event, including payment info. You will not be charged until the day before the event. If you don't enter info, you will have to wait in line at registration the day of the event. SO PLEASE USE A CREDIT CARD TO FACILITATE THE PROCESS.
11. Registration for each event will be open until the Friday before each event until noon. That gives you plenty of time to decide and no late entry fees until after 12pm.
12. There will be an option to print the medical form, but that is not ready yet. For now, fill one out from the WMRRA website and print a copy and put in your leathers!

Potential issues:
Problem: I can log in but get the message "You appear to be inactive".
Solution: This means that you didn't pay for a membership or it isn't activated yet. If you submitted an application, kindly remind about it or send it in. PS, you don't have to complete the medical forms (except for your copy in your leathers) since you will have to do it online.

Problem: I enter the event and the status for address/contact info is X.
Solution: You didn't enter one of the required fields:
Liability statement on page 1 of the medical form attached.
Emergency contact name
Emergency contact cell phone
Emergency contact work phone
Emergency contact home phone
Medical Physician name
Medical physician phone
Either Part A or Part B of consent for treatment
Acknowledgment of risk (last page in the attached)

Problem: You can't enter the classes that your bike qualifies for
Solution: The system may or may not allow you to enter, but if it does your paperwork will be flagged and you will have to wait in line (hopefully shorter) and see registration on race day. Contact me so we can fix ahead of time. Clearly state your issue so I can get if fixed without too much back and forth correspondence.

Problem: You can enter classes that your bike doesn't qualify for
Solution: Don't race in that class. Just let me know what the system is doing so we can fix the code for it.

Problem: The bike wizard asks a non applicable item to my bike (e.g. model version).
Solution: Contact me so we can fix. Clearly state the bike make, model, year so I can get it fixed. It shouldn't limit you the ability to register.

Remember, the RULEBOOK is the ultimate authority and Track Intel's suggestion does not override class rules.

Sorry for the book here, but this is important info to get you through the process. Most of this will be posted in the forum as well for your reference.

This is our system, so I need all of your help to fine tune it. There will be problems and things to address, this is normal. The sooner we discover, the sooner we fix them.

Best Regards,

Neil Heineman, Club Treasurer
Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association