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Welcome, and some food for thought...
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    Default Welcome, and some food for thought...

    As I sit around, contemplating the upcoming season, I was reading one of my favorite online rags - Superbike Planet, and came across this lettle gem of a quote from Mark Lindemann:

    ...Motorcycling is wonderful in that way, especially racing. There's precious little bullshit when you're involved with it at the extremes. If you make a mistake, there's no blaming it on someone else-the ground comes up and slaps you right now, and no amount of smooth talking is going to buy you any more front-end grip or any more talent. Want to learn about personal responsibility? Here are the keys.
    The context of the quote was a reflection back of the years Lindemann worked at Cycle Magazine, and any insights he might have had into its ultimate demise. Click here for the entire article... It's an old quote, but relevant none the less. I don't list it here because I fear for the demise of WMRRA - I don't - but for the concise bit of wisdom that anyone who is new to racing can get from this.

    On any day at the track, you will make thousands of decisions. Some will be better than others. You may not realize it when one of those decisions are questionable, or worse - flat out wrong. More often than not, there will be others around that will notice. If one of those that did, decide talk to you about it...listen, and learn.

    While we have a dedicated staff of volunteers to help guide you through the novice to expert learning process, dedicated volunteers to inspect every bike before it makes it out to the track, and dedicated volunteers to watch, warn and aid every rider while out on the track - ultimately it's your decisions that affect us all. I'm not picking on novices for this message as experts should take a refresher course on this subject every year, but if you're new to racing, no amount reading or watching from the sidelines will fully prepare you for the doing part. Let the others around you help, but remember at all times, you are responsible.
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    Excellent comments, Tom. The two things I take from this-

    1) Reading and watching are not doing. Doing is doing.

    2) When someone approaches you with constructive criticism, please remember that not all criticism is negative. We have all been there and we are trying to help (in our own awkward way, at times). We want you to succeed and will help you as much as we can.

    Great way to start the New Year and new season. Thanks for posting this.

    For those of you who are not aware, Tom has been with WMRRA for a long time and literally has "been there" and "done that."
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