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Huge Thanks!!!
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Thread: Huge Thanks!!!

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    Default Huge Thanks!!!

    I'll keep it brief, but wanted to thank everyone at WMRRA for the help yesterday after my crash Turn 1. So great to wake up to all of yer smiling faces. Post-op with some new metal bits in my leg, feeling very lucky and blessed. You all are the greatest!!!
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    Great to hear you're feeling better my friend. Glad I could help make things more comfortable for you. Heal fast!
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    To all the friends and Family, Thank you!

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    Glad you're doing well, Curt. Hope to see you back on the beautiful side of the state soon. Your gear and truck are at your house, and we're here to help with whatever we can during your recovery. Just let us know what you and the family need!

    Kenny and Becky

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    Great message Curt. There was a lot of WMRRA staff/volunteers coming by the pits to get updates and hear how you were doing. And Kenny did a great job at the riders meeting letting everyone know your status at the time. There is much love for you in this group. This really stinks that you went down and got pretty banged up. It's no good for you, and has given us all a lot of concern. But it's good to hear that the surgury went as expected. Let us know what we can do to help while you're still sore/limping. We're only 15 minutes away.
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    I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to see your post, Curt. I spoke with Kenny in great length about you, and would like to buy you a beer. The raspberry on the back of my right knee is NOTHING compared to what you've been through. After the incident, my heart sank to see those red flags extended, and since then, you've been in pretty much all of my thoughts.

    Get well, and I hope to meet you in better fashion at Pacific, or whenever you next visit this side of Washington.
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    Curt glad that they were able to mend you up so quickly. Good to see you have a large extended family to take after ya if you're ever to fall!

    Hope to see you back on two wheels with wmrra again in 2013.
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    Curt, I'm happy to hear that the surgery was a success and your doing well! I'm now a firm believer in your air vest, that thing did it's job!

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    Thank you for the update Curt! Heal fast and get back out there with here extended family!

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    Glad to see you posting up Curt! Good to hear you're feeling a little better. Heal up quick
    Craig Johnson WMRRA Corner Captain
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    Important thing is...your bike is O.K.! Haha get that leg working ASAP

    Mentioned to K.F. that he should buy up your jet fuel before if goes stale

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