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Referee Decisions - 2012
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    Default Referee Decisions - 2012

    This will be a place for any referee decisions to be made for the 2012 season to be collected/posted.

    First up: Back Protectors

    It has been pointed out that while we've been allowing back protectors like the Bohn and Knox as they are clearly superior to the "classic" old hard-shell back protector, the rulebook hasn't yet been updated to support that.

    So - for 2012 the Referee has made the following decision:

    Referee Decision 1:

    Non hard-surface back protectors (spine protectors) meeting the requirements of CE EN-1621-2:2003 Level 2 have been determined by the Referee to provide protection superior to the standard hard-surface back protectors required by the WMRRA rulebook section C(1)(e). As such they will be legal for any WMRRA competition event.

    Superior safety in competition events is a goal of WMRRA. We would like to encourage competitors to use the best possible safety equipment, including CE level 2 rated back protectors. While chest protectors are not a requirement for WMRRA competition, they are strongly encouraged as well.

    Referee Decision 2:

    For cutoff year motorcycles, rulebook section E(20) states that "Riders wishing to petition for "like-design" status in order to ride a later model year motorcycle in class with a cutoff year may do so by submitting a petition in writing to the ir rider representative for consideration and approval by the Executive Board."

    In the interest of making this easier and smoother for the 2012 race season, a proposal was brought forward to the Executive board to make a blanket decision to cover which bikes will be considered like design for the 2012 season. This was discussed at the 3-14-12 E-board meeting and a decision was made.

    At the direction of the Executive Board - the Referee has been authorized to make the following decision regarding machine elegibility for the TFS class for 2012:


    GSXR 600 - The 2005 GSXR 600 will be legal for TFS.


    R6 - The 2005 R6 will be legal for TFS.

    R6S - The 2006-2009 R6S will be legal for TFS.


    CBR 600 - The 2005-2006 CBR 600 will be legal for TFS.


    No Kawasaki models beyond the 2004 model year are legal for TFS.

    Anyone whose machine is not on this list that feels that their particular machine should be legal in TFS for the 2012 season will need to follow the rulebook, Section E paragraph 20 quoted above to request an Executive Board decision through your rider representative.
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