As you already know, the Rules Committee approved Phil's proposal for a combined Membership/License/Gate Pass. However, before we could nail down the actual price of said Membership, the E-Board needed our resident calculator (and Your Treasurer), Neil Heineman, to crunch the numbers in order to come up with a cost that would be a great deal for the members AND a great deal for the club.

If you remember, Phil's self proclaimed "wild-ass guess" was $160. If we raced 6 rounds like we did in 2011, this may have worked. But, in 2012, we are racing 9 races, and 2 of them are 3 day events. This means that if you were to buy individual passes for every single race day, you would spend $200 over the course of the season. Your E-Board came to the conclusion that adding $15 to Phil's proposal would still leave the club in good shape, while passing along a $75 savings to each of you.

So, I am pleased to announce on behalf of your Rules Committee and Executive Board that your 2012 WMRRA Membership/LRaceLicense/Gate Pass fee will be $175!!!!

Pretty sweet deal, really....