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Camping @ Pacific Raceways in 2011
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    Default Camping @ Pacific Raceways in 2011

    Hi everyone,

    After a lot of negotiations and a lot of promises by myself, Pacific Raceways is going to contingently allow camping at the race track this year on Friday & Saturday nights.

    If you show up on Friday night and there are drags races being run, you must pay their gate fee to get into the track. There is no 'free pass' because you are racing with WMRRA that weekend. Do not attempt to negotiate your way in otherwise, those are the rules.

    Camping is a privilege and not a right. Pacific Raceways can and will revoke this at anytime if it is abused. You must adhere to the following rules.
    • You are not to enter the racing surface after hours. PERIOD!
    • You are not to race cars, trucks, pit bikes, or any other type of vehicle around the paddock.
    • You are not to build bon fires or light off fireworks or any other incendiary or explosive device.
    • Anything else Security or a Pacific Raceways employee tells you to STOP doing.
    • Quiet time is 10pm when drag races are not being run. Otherwise, quiet time is immediately at the conclusion of those drag events.

    Not only will violation of any of the above rules cause us to lose the camping privilege, if I find out who the responsible parties are, they will be subject to expulsion from the club, pursuant N.1.a of the rulebook.

    Rule N.1.a
    Conduct in public (to include your behavior and conduct on public mailing lists and public online forums) in such a manner as to cast a poor public image on the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association, e.g. riding on public streets with racing number plates displayed.
    Also, if you see the drag racers doing it or the homeowners on the otherside of the fences doing it, DOES NOT MAKE IT OK FOR YOU TO DO IT. The rules I stated are the ones we must follow.

    You need to police yourselves. If you see someone acting like an asshat and violating the rules, tell them to stop. If they don't stop, report them to me ASAP and I'll take care of the problem.

    In addition, remember, you and everyone else in your party (over the age of 12) is required to pay the gate fee for each day at the track you are there. Camping does not give you an exemption to paying the gate fee!

    I've gone through a lot of trouble and made personal promises to make sure those that enjoy this privilege, especially our out of town guests, can continue to do so.

    Let's have a great 2011 race season!
    Nico Tomacelli
    WMRRA President
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