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Downed Bike 906 Novice heat 2 sunday 8/15
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    Default Downed Bike 906 Novice heat 2 sunday 8/15

    Hello racing friends, it's me, Doug, and I am finally able to get an update to my crash on Sunday 8/15 in the second novice heat for the weekend. My daughter posted something somewhere here so thanks to those that responded with messages of well wishes. My crash was in turn 2 and essentially I went into it hot and when I decided it was time to downshift and brake, it was too late and needed to turn it in, so with no engine braking and not wanting to dynamite the brakes as I was turning, I just turned it in any way and decided to see where that would get me and eventually I was pushed wide and ran out of track and laid it down and hit the wall. Likely there are lots of things I could have done differently to get a better result, but for now, this is my reality.

    First.....THANK YOU to the corner workers, crew and medics and especially to Annie for being so great to me and to probably everyone else that you all come across in that situation. Annie was a godsend to all the others and me before and after me.
    Second.....the injuries, I broke the right tibia in half and they collapsed and overlapped each other. Broke the right fibula in two places. They put a rod from the knee to the ankle to stabilize the tibia and used a plate to repair the fibula. I broke one of the metacarpal bones in my left hand and there are four screws in that hand and a small broken bone on my right wrist, a hairline fracture of one of the spines on one of the lower vertebral bones, lots of bruising of the back/lower back muscles, a contusion around the back of the lower right kidney and finally a hematoma of the left eye. 4.5 hours of surgery fixed the broken stuff and now I have time to heal. Hope to be back in office later this week (probably optimistic being I am an orthodontist and I can't us one hand and limited mobility with a walker). I got out of the hospital Thursday and Iím at home healing now.....for a while.
    Third.....I'll try to included some photos and eventually video of the crash. Again, big thanks to the crew for their professionalism and great care of me!!
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    I'm sorry to hear about your crash...sounds like a big one.

    I do have to say those...those pictures are freaking narly! Good job!

    Heal up and hope to see you around the track again!

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    wow, i was wondering where you were when i came back in. heal quick

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    Ouch, enough of the rubber leg pictures!

    Sorry to hear of your crash, that tire wall is pretty unforgiving. Now you too can join the lobby to have that thing removed since it no longer protects anything but for some weeds on the other side.

    Incidents like yours remind me about the need to ride the whole track, including available run off. In most cases at Pacific there isn't much so the term 'proceed with caution' comes to mind. No matter how inviting that new pavement appears, the tire wall hasn't moved; and that's a problem.

    Hang in there and get well soon.

    Formerly 906
    John Kaiser

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    Glad you are up and about Doug. I hope to see you back out at the track again soon. Heal up man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dknight View Post
    Likely there are lots of things I could have done differently to get a better result, but for now, this is my reality.
    Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the update, it really is good to know that you've received some top notch help both at the track and at the hospital.

    Your comment above is a very mature thing to say - I know the first thing everyone does when they see a crash or hear of someone crashing is to lay blame - "he should have did this or that..." but like you said, you did the best you could have in that situation and hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

    Best of luck with your recovery and if you are up to it, stop by Pacific on the 11th/12th so say hello and update us all on your progress.


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    Default hey doug

    Doug, glad to hear you are doing better... my name is Tell, I was the first cornerworker to respond to the crash. I'm glad to know that you are being well-taken care of. I will most likely be at the September races cornerworking or spectating as well. If you decide to stop by for the races, let me know...I would very much like to meet you in a better way than last time I'll buy you a nice cold drink at lunch time or something.

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    Stupid tire wall. What's it going to take?

    Good luck in your recovery!
    Steve Balch

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