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Corner Workers Wanted - Inquire Within!
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    Cool Corner Workers Wanted - Inquire Within!

    Hey Everyone -

    It's that time again to put out the word about Corner Working! If you're at all interested, drop me a line. We've got a great crew of people but are always open to having more volunteers.

    You're welcome to join us any race day!
    Schedule information can be found here - http://www.wmrra.com/index.html#schedule

    Corner Workers ensure safety in a variety of ways, including:

    • Radio communication with race "control" and other race officials.
    • Communicating to riders with flags about track conditions and safety.
    • Keeping the race surface clean, clear and safe.
    • Assisting riders who have problems.
    • Directing riders toward safe racing lines.

    A typical day goes like this:

    • 7:30am : Join us for a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and grab some breakfast!
    • 7:45am : Sign up for your favorite corner or explore a new side of the track you haven't seen before. Pick up your radio and safety gear.
    • 8:00am : Corner Workers Safety Meeting - Here you will learn about flags, radios, what to do in an emergency, and updates on what's going on trackside.
    • 8:30am : Grab some water, soda, and snacks (we provide these too!) and head out to your corner.
    • 8:45am : Walk your piece of the track to insure that it is ready for it's big day. Make sure you have all your safety equipment, and get ready for an exciting day in the best seat in the house.
    • 12:00pm - 1:00pm : LUNCH! We provide lunch and beverages too!
    • After Lunch : Stock up on waters and head back out to your corner. You're welcome to talk to the Corner Captain if you want to switch corners after lunch.
    • 4:00pm - 5:00pm : Shutdown. Bundle up your flags and head on in to drop off your radio and vest and stop by for a cold drink! (Adult beverages and / or cold sodas provided)

    **Please dress properly for the weather. Wear shoes that are comfortable for standing, running and will protect you on the track (sneakers, boots, etc are okay. flipflops are not). Bring a pair of riding or gardening gloves if you have them. Please do not wear any red clothing - unfortunately this looks too much like a "red flag" and is a safety concern. If you have any questions on what to wear or bring please contact our Corner Captain.**

    Here are the things we'll take care of when you volunteer your time:

    We value the time you spend with us and want to make it even easier for you to come join us for the weekend.

    Pacific Raceways Weekends:

    • Breakfast, coffee, snacks, beverages, lunch and even a cold drink at the end of the day!

    Spokane County Raceways Weekends:

    • Breakfast, coffee, snacks, beverages, lunch and even a cold drink at the end of the day! There is almost always a BBQ and potlucks in the pits as well.
    • Don't live in Spokane? Don't worry! We'll cover your hotel room! Up to $45 per night per volunteer. If you let us know we'll even take care of all the details and reserve a hotel for you. *Please talk to our Corner Captain about this perk!

    Want more information?:

    So you don't know anything about corner working? Don't worry! No experience is necessary to become a corner worker, we will give you as much information as we can in the morning and put you in a corner with an experienced volunteer! Can't work a whole day? We'd love to have you for a half-day! We welcome both individuals and groups to sign up and participate in one of the most essential roles on race day - while getting close to the action, and occupying the best seats in the house!

    Feel free to contact me at corner.captain@wmrra.com if you have any questions or want to sign up for Corner Working any of our events!
    - Annie 'bat' St.Clair
    WMRRA Webmaster

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    Default check out the WERA Southeast Regions program

    The one thing WERA does different for their corner workers, is pay them gas money. Yes it's only about $50 for a long day in the sun, but it makes a difference for someone having to drive to the track and camp out for the weekend. My wife and I have done this for 20+ years with them, and they almost never are short corner workers. Of course on those rare times when they might be a quick announcement that there will be no racing until they have enogh corner workers to make it safe will quickly solve the problem. In recent years we have had organizations come out as a group for the weekend and work. This is great because we get trained experienced folks over and over, and they put the money they make in their organizational fund.

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    We do pay corner workers gas money when they travel out of the "home area." For instance, when we all go over to Spokane - we encourage people to carpool, but we do pay up to a certain amount in gas money, and even provide a hotel room.

    We actually have a great crew and in my reign of "Corner Captain" we have never been short volunteers. We can always take more, but we've been fully staffed every event (even in Spokane!).

    I'm going to bet that WERA is a bit more profitable right now than WMRRA, and I'm sure that if we got to that level of income we would look at reevaluating the gas money for the home (or local) track.

    Take a look at our Corner Worker website (http://www.wmrra.com/cornerworkers.html) because we actually do provide quite a bit of benefit to our volunteers. Breakfast, coffee / tea, lunch, snacks, drinks, and an adult beverage or soda at the end of the day. There is also almost always a BBQ in the pits after the races as well.

    We also welcome groups and organizations and there are a few listed at the end of that link of people who have come out in the past.

    Thanks for your suggestions! Let us know if you ever want to come corner work with us.
    - Annie 'bat' St.Clair
    WMRRA Webmaster

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    I'm really interested in volunteering, but looking at the schedule, the next one I'll be available for is the July race. Going to be out of town for the next two....bad timing.
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