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John Lippis crash? 6/13
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    Default John Lippis crash? 6/13

    Anyone hear how he is doing after falling off?

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    LOL...seems Father John was ok. He walked up right next to me at the bus stop fence watching the races. He said he was very sore. Dude has a pain threshold of a rock!
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    Eric's right...the man has a most amazing threshold...I watched him skid under those tires...we couldn't find him...quite the adventure for John and our crew! We were very happy to hear him fighting to NOT be taken to the hospital...stubborn racers! Gotta love 'em! Heal up quickly Mr. Lippis!

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    He thought he broke one of his metacarpals on one of his hands, I think it was his left. But, otherwise he seemed in pretty good spirits.

    Get well John.

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    John, I hope you are OK! I was sick and forgot to remember to check up on you...

    Let us know whats up when you get a chance.
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    I'm glad John is doing alright -- he is one tough guy!

    Take care of yourself so you can get back out to the track soon

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    Thank you my friends for you concern. I am beat up from the tire wall crushing me (almost suffocated- very scary).
    I am not an iron man, or a cowboy with a high pain threshold. I am just an old man who is feeling quite fragile at the moment as a matter of fact.
    I didn't argue with the ambulance medics but only felt confident in knowing my injuries, and had a good blood pressure, and mental acuity. They thought I had a head injury, but was only the gravel which had scratched the forehead. So I declined being transported. They are very smart folks with good reasons for their recommendations, but in this case I was confident to be in safe condition.
    Once a few years ago I declined the same recommendations after falling down at the Bus Stop, and showing very low BP, requiring some fluids. I was very lucky driving home, because my unknown ruptured spleen burst 2 weeks later. The fine medics and their assessments are definitely to be taken quite seriously!

    The air fence, backed up with the tire wall may be an unsolvable problem. Ross told me that my bike hit first and lifted the fence and tires, and I slipped right under. I think that this is what happens much of the time unfortunately. I had no control whatsoever of where I was going. Thanks to the very sharp corner workers and crew who located and extracted me ASAP. With the tire wall not allowing me to breath, every second was very important. The cause of all this was a front end tuck, from a cooled off tire. I had come in from one practice and gone out 15 minutes later without warming them again. They felt warm, but we had another delay at the gate from something else, so a few more minutes allowed them to cool even further.
    I thought I was taking it easy to get them back up to temp, but not well enough. Cold tires on a cool morning practice is the lesson here. Thanks again! :-) John

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    Glad to hear your in good spirits John. Get well soon.
    John Kaiser

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    It was nice to meet you John at Round 4, and I wish that your warnings about the exit of turn 2 had seeded in my head but I crash on the T2 exit pretty good in the afternoon on Friday.

    Glad to hear you came out ok.

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    Glad to hear you're doing alright. I has the (mis)fortune of snapping a photo just as the bike went down.


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