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    Come on Brent. Get that Tube outta there!
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    I just met Brent for the first time on Saturday. He let me borrow some super glue which I was manically searching for in the pits. He had some great advice for me as well and I could immediately sense that this was one super cool guy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Brent!

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    Talked to Vicki Tonight. Brent is doing fine. No major improvements, but no setbacks either. He cant have any visitors yet, probably for another day or so.

    Thats all I know.

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    Default Brent's Status from Vicki

    Just want to report that Brent is continuing to improve. Also that He and Vicki are very grateful for all of the prayers and get well wishes. They are requesting that for the next few days we would continue to hold off the visits so that Brent can get as much rest as possible. We will post when visiting will be ok. Thank you all again for all of the support
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    Default Update - Tuesday May 18th:

    From Vicki
    Tuesday May 18th:
    His 10 days in ICU are done and he's now been transferred to the 'regular' part of Harborview -- rm 709 in the East Wing, bed 1. I'd still prefer no visitors yet, though, as he just landed there this aftn... he is still confused and working his way off the drugs... and needs to rest tomorrow for his clavicle surgery on Thursday. No plans to plate the ribs anymore.

    Labs and vitals are still good. Hasn't had a fever for days now. Wish he'd drink and eat more to flush the meds, etc., thru his system, but he's getting there. This is his 2nd day of eating/drinking on his own.

    Today he was more lucid but then starts chattering about needing to arrange dyno time with Dan Zlock and work on an exhaust system. Wants "the data" to analyze (hmm...data withdrawal .... for some, its likely worse than morphine withdrawal..) ... and he wants us to smuggle "at least one cat" into Harborview to see him.

    His brother took dictation today and I don't yet have the notes, so no Brenticisms tonight.. sorry. So far we have four pages of quotes, though, so don't fear... Years worth of material, People... y-e-a-r-s!

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    Good to hear about the progress!
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    Very cool, can't wait for the book of quotes from Brent's Harbor View days. Thanks for relaying Vicki's messages Ollie. I work in Seattle, so let us know when he's up for visitors (two legged)....

    Pete & Meg

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    I feel fortunate to have only broken my arm that morning. Glad to hear that he is making progress.

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    Visitors okay for Brent? Would like to stop in, say hi and see if he is up for getting teased yet?

    Standing by . . .
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    awesome. Sounds like he's on the road to a full recovery.
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