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Brent Prindle Update - Page 2
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    Default Message from Vicki (Brent's wife)

    Vicki Haneckow to Oliver,
    show details 11:27 PM (11 hours ago)


    First, let me start by extending my deepest gratitute to Dan, Dale, Olie, James, Kevin, and Brian for all your help in getting me thru this aftn, packing the rig, getting the cats home safely, etc. To Brent, my welfare is huge, and he loves those cats more than you can imagine, so pls know how important it is to him that you all did what you all did. Olie, pls tell James. Dale, a special thx to you for driving us all home and maneuvering the not-so-petite-rig with the talking cats in the cab.

    Brent is doing as well as can be expected. He has broken ribs on both sides and a very minor spinal fracture and a very minor wrist fracture. Badly broken collarbone that will need to be plated in a few wks. 3 chest tubes and is intubated but they hope to take the mouth tube out tomorrow. He is deliberately unconscious (sedated) but I have been there when he starts to come around and he is indeed responsive and the brain that never sleeps, of course, is not. He can do the one squeeze for "yes"/two squeeze for "no" when I speak to him [he can't speak because the tube is in his mouth] and when the medical staff talks to him, he is able to follow their commands (i.e., stop biting the tube, stop trying to spit it out). I was in there tonight when a neurologist came in to check on him. He very quickly and deliberately moved each paw when requested and lifted legs, etc. Not shaky. Left wrist didn't move as well, but that's the one with the slight fracture and its tightly wrapped and swollen and all. They did other neuro tests and said they all checked out well. So again, no apparent spinal cord damage or brain damage. They don't seem to think there is a concussion, which surprises me a little. The helmet does not look bad, though, and it tends to corroborate what they are saying.

    His vitals are good, strong, and steady and they said he is recovering as best as can be expected. They might put an epidural (sp?) in him tomorrow, as they expect he'll start coughing crap out of his lungs, which will hurt like hell. I just got off the phone with the nurses station a few minutes ago and they confirmed that he's doing fine tonight and is stable.

    He is in Harborview in the Maleng building on the 9th floor of the ICU. He may be in there for 5 -7 or so days -- they don't know. I believe he can have visitors. Most of y'all are not the flower-sending type, and I would strongly discourage it. He hates flowers and is terribly allergic, so please, nobody do that! Just keep him in your thoughts.
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    Thank you for the update. Keeping Brent in my thoughts.
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    Thanks Oly! That's pretty awesome news all things considering.

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    Wow cool to hear!

    Kudos to the above mentioned and zlock racing for helping.

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    After seeing how violent the incidnet was, it is really good to hear this. Thoughts and prayers with you Brent!
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    thanks for the update Oly! Get well Brent! Hang in there sir...
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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    Please do not pass rumors of what you've heard. I'll update based on information I receive from his wife.

    From Brent's Wife.

    He is stable and slowly improving. No backsliding. Still on ventilator, but they did a trial run and he's able to breathe on his own. He just does a little better on the vent. They hope to wean him off it today and remove the mouth tube. Still heavily sedated.

    Right now, he has the broken clavicle, 7 broken ribs, a very minor wrist fx, a very minor spinal fx and that's the extent of it. No spinal cord damage, no brain damage.

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    Get well soon Brent!
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    Thanks for the update, Nico. I'll be thinking of him.

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