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Status of Claud Jinks - WMRRA #314 - Page 12
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    God speed Claud.

    Greg, please add me to the fray of 314 stickers.

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    Wow. RIP.

    Does anyone have a pic of him?

    What happened, sorry, wasn't there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Dog View Post
    Wow. RIP.

    Does anyone have a pic of him?

    What happened, sorry, wasn't there.
    Quote Originally Posted by mlcjr View Post

    I was lucky to know Claud, he was my novice mentor. I don't know how many times I push started that old 900 or towed him around with that golf cart. I was so happy when he bought the roll starters. Take care my friend.
    Here you go. Claud lost control of his motorcycle entering turn Two during Practice Group 4 and hit the tire wall. He was airlifted to Harborview, where he subsequently passed at 1:00 PM Sunday. The rest of the races were postponed for the day.
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    Even though I didn't personally know Claud and I've only been involved with the club for a few race weekends now, his death saddened me greatly. Probably more for the effect it would have on the club and his family. What more can a person ask for than to go out doing what you loved most to do...we should all be so lucky. All of the stories are great! I saw Claud around the pits a few times and he always had a smile for me when I walked past. I'm proud to be part of this club now and I'm always impressed with how things are handled during some of the most chaotic times. Keep up the great work WMRRA crew and keep doing what you love to do WMRRA racers! RIP Claud and peace to his family and friends!
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    I started racing Novice last year and knew Claud from tech inspections and corner work. He was a great guy, rest in peace.

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    Last Wednesday, Tim, Damon, Will, John and I had dinner with Claud at Billy McHale’s in Federal Way. Claud had called us to the 2010 Tech Meeting/Dinner. After yakking for a bit I said, “Is there an agenda or some things you wanted to cover with us?” “Nah,” he said, “I just thought we’d have a little get together and talk.”

    So we did. We talked about Claud’s new dog and how he couldn’t get a full night’s sleep for letting her out all the time. And about his last trip to Laguna Seca, where he passed a guy on his 900 and was feeling pretty good about it until he was railed at the top of the corkscrew and by the time he got around to turn 1 the guy had just about disappeared. And then he got home and looked at the onboard camera and all the time he thought he was going so damn fast it really looked more like he was toodling around at back road speeds. And about how he got his Velasko rebuild home and put it up on the engine stand, unsecured, and it promptly fell off and cracked the case, essentially turning it into a very expensive paper weight unless he could scare up some cases, so then we heard about his adventures on Craigslist. And about how he was giving Phil diet and exercise advice. And about how he now had fancy new hearing aids, which he demo’ed for us, after his wife put her foot down because he couldn’t hear her voice consistently.

    At some point John, our new tech, asked, “What if somebody throws a fit about not passing tech?” Claud got that amused look of his, “So what? They need the sticker to ride, and we give out the stickers!” And that launched a hilarious round of tech tales about know-it-alls (you know who you are) who had all the excuses, and how many a time they simply ended up resorting to, “But it passed tech last time!”

    After a while Claud picked up the check for all of us and got on his bike and rode off down I-5, because he rode Everywhere. Just Saturday he was complaining to me and Jake about how he hadn’t yet logged the 150,000 miles on his touring bike that he’d expected to by now. But this year he was working out and lifting weights and hitting the elliptical and he’d lost 40 lbs and was raring to go. Though, he noted with a big grin, he still managed to completely exhaust himself doing only four practice laps on the 900 that morning.

    Looking back, the biggest compliment he paid me was simply being my friend. Claud had that easy confidence that some physically big men have, and that men who have done the things they want to do in life seem to have. He never struck me as the type to suffer fools lightly, but he always seemed pleased to see me and he always had more stories to bring me up to date on, and he’d blithely wave me over to his tool box if I offered to help.

    I will miss him.
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    I love this tribe.

    I believe the sincerity of these posts.

    I am proud to be associated with almost all of you.

    Oh yeah, please keep in mind that I love you alot better when you finish behind me!


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    Any chance we can get Claud's picture on the main WMRRA website where the "featured racer" is? Seems like that would be a nice tribute.
    Steve Balch

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    And have it there 'til after the next round?

    Sounds great!
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    Sorry, I meant to do it when I posted the first part on Sunday but was @ the NICU with my newborn.

    I updated the front page a few hours ago.


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