This forum is intended for racers to share ideas, information, concerns and techniques.

Further, it is a public forum and represents WMRRA world wide via the internet.

Please note;

Forum members do not need to be WMRRA members. This is OK. The forum offers a way for non-racers to check out WMRRA, the racer community and see if they would like to participate.

While most threads are within the intended use of this forum I have read a LIMITED FEW threads and responses that represent the club, it's procedures or volunteers in a negative fashion.

This forum is NOT the place to vent, accuse, attack, denegrade the club, it's racers, policies, rules, procedures, tracks, members, volunteers, vendors or staff. PERIOD!

If you are a WMRRA member and have issues with personnel, procedures or any of the club activities there are appropriate methods to raise your concerns.

I'll spell them out:

Contact your Rider Rep
Contact your President (not during a race day please...)
Attend General Memebership meetings

or all of the above.

Offensive or in appropriate threads will be deleted by me (only). I have asked the administrator and all the forum members to notify me of potentially offensive threads and responses.

If I feel the content is detrimental to WMRRA I will delete it.

Please help represent our club in a proffessional manor.


WMRRA #121